Tints and Sunglasses Advice | Guide to Choosing Tinted Lenses for Your New Glasses

A guide to common spectacle tints and sunglass lens protection. 

The correct lens tint can increase visual comfort by improving image contrast. This page will provide some advice on how different tints on your glasses help your vision.

Brown Lens Tint

These offer improved depth perception and are agreat choice for vision in low illumination levels. Brown tinted lenses can also assist with blocking blue light rays.
Brown tinted lenses can help make your vision brighter on dull cloudy days

Blue Lens Tint

These tints work best for enhancing colour perception, for example in foggy weather conditions and blue tints also assist in reducing reflections from screens and shiny surfaces.

Grey Tinted Lenses

Grey tinted glasses lenses are great for clearer vision in bright illumination. It they can assist with eyestrain on bright sunny days.
They are a great option for drivers.

Green Tints

Green lenses reduce blue light and improve contrast when outside in bright sunny days. Green tintd glasses are a popular choice for everday lens tints.

Yellow Tints

Yellow tinted lenses work outdoors and indoors, making your enviroment appear brighter and in low illumination help improve your visibility.

Photochromatic Tints

Photochromic, reactions or transition lenses gradually darken in the presence of UV light. If you regularly move between indoors and outdoors, then fixed tint sunglasses are not the best option.
Photochromatic lenses are your best option.The lenses are clear indoors and darken when you move outside and your eyes are exposed to UV rays from the sun.
Typically, photochromatic lenses darken in 60s or less due to exposure to UV light, and then they will continue over the next 10-15 minutes to darken a little bit more.
Once exposure to UV light is removed when you walk inside, the photochromatic lenses gradually clear taking around 10-15 minutes to return to their clear state.

Polarised Tinted Lenses

When light rays are reflected from flat smooth shiny surface like wet roads, water,snow, they are horizontally polarised.
These horizontally polarised light rays create glare and reduce visibility of objects. Polarised tinted glasses work by blocking the horizontal polarised light rays and reduce glare.
Polarized lenses are ideal for driving, sailing,skiing or fishing.
If you have vision problems with your hobbies or job caused bright reflections or glare, then polarised tinted lenses are a great choice.

Lens tints are a great choice for your glasses and help your eyes and vision. They add a touch of fashion to your spectacles whilst also benefiting your visual comfort.