Glasses Reglazing Service | New Lenses in Your Own Frames



Are you a spectacle wearer that wants an affordable alternative when fulfilling a new prescription for your glasses?

Maybe you would like to keep your existing spectacle frame and have it reglazed or perhaps you’ve have been gifted or  bought a new one online and you need prescription lenses for it?

Whether you have damaged or scratched your lenses and you need to replace them, or if your optician has given you a new glasses prescriptiona and you want to update the lenses in your old frames, glasses reglazing will provide the answer. You can even choose to repurpose your prescription glasses by tunring them into sunglasses.

We can help save you money by reglazing your old or new spectacle frames. Reglazing simply means putting new prescription lenses in your own frames, saving you money and wastage.

Our lens reglazing prices can save you up to 70% on High Street opticians prices.

Lens Pricing 

Select the type of lens replacement / reglazing option you need, from the options listed below to find out more information.
For accurate pricing we advise to call in person to our Little Spectacle Shop or alternatively phone or email us, with details of your up to date prescription.Contact details here
To reglaze any pair of spectacles with new lenses we require a valid in date Opticians prescription

Clear Single Vision Lenses

Our clear single vision lenses are available in three separate options

Lenses to correct distance vision. For example these are lenses that you would use for watching TV or driving and sharpening vision on far away objects.

Reading or near eyesight lenses. Used for focusing on close up objects,reading small print.

Intermediate , computer vision lenses. For vision correction at around arms length, PC and laptop users, muiscians etc

Pricing from £37.00

Single Vision Sunglasses

We can match solid and graduated tints in your own existing spectacles when we provide new lenses
All tints available from the Little Spectacle Shop offer you full ultraviolet protection.

Pricing from £37.00

Single Vison Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised lenses work by reducing blinding glare by a means of blocking horizontal polarised light.
They reduce glare and reflections from flat surfaces, water, snow or ice
They will improve your visual comfort and ehance colour contrast.
Great for driving, fishing and other activities in bright, sunny conditions.

Polarised lenses are suppied in three options – Grey, Brown or Green/Grey.

Pricing From £59.00

SV Transition Light Adaptive Lenses

Transitions are light reactive lenses which automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions.
Transitions are the premium global photochromatic lens brand available in three colours – Brown, Grey and Graphite Green

Protection yourself from UVA and UVB rays both indoors AND outdoors.
Light adjustment – clear indoors and tinted when out in the sun.
Enhanced colour perception for optimal visual performance.
Extra fast transition from dark outdoors to clear inside.

Pricing from £59.00

Sorry, but as an optician-owned business for bifocals and varifocal lenses and for rimless and sports wrap-around frames, we do not recommend or provide an online /post reglazing service.

It is best to call into our store with your spectacles so we can advise on the best lens options, take accurate measurements, and assess the optimal lenses for your prescription.

We can source all brand name lens types for your glasses: Zeiss, Essilor and Hoya, all at very competitive prices compared to other High St opticians. Visit the Little Spectacle Shop today to find out more.