Your Face Shape and Glasses Frame Selection

For tips and advice on what style of glasses suit your face shape when buying glasses online, check out the information on this page. You will discover important tips on just how to select the right style glasses for your own face. People with large faces, can often end up wearing glasses which are too tight and narrow, those of us with small faces can find we end up with glasses which are too wide and drop down on our noses

Here’s how to find comfortable glasses no matter what size face you have.
When picking your new glasses, at the Little Spectacle Shop it’s important to select a style that suits your shape of face. The shape and style of your glasses can accentuate your facial features, or take away from them.

Check out the tips below to discover the shape of your face and the styles of spectacle frames that will be ideal for you.

Most people's faces can be categorized in one of the types listed below:

Small Faces

The best glasses for smaller sized faces

Large faces

The best glasses for large wide faces
Rectangle frames
Oversized frames

Square face shape

The square shaped faces typically have a wider face with a strong,well defined jawline. .
Narrow eye size, larger width frames suit best
Oval, round and sleek metal styles with the size attributes listed.

Oval face shape

Oval face shapes tend to have rounded forehead and chin and are longer than they are wider
Ideal frames for oval faces:
Wider, oversized and the popular aviator style glasses.

Round face shape

These people have rounded foreheads and chin with plump cheeks. Ideal glasses shapes for rounder faces: Narrow, angular, rectangular frames

Heart shaped face shapes

These glasses wearers typically have a face shape with a wide forehead, broad brows and a narrow chin. For heart-shaped faces, rimless, round and cat eye glasses can all look well

Diamond face shapes

These faces tend to have broad cheekbones and narrow brows and jawlines Ideal glasses styles for diamond-shaped faces include rectanglular, cat eye and oval shaped spectacle frames

If you are still unsure of your face shape, don't worry send us some photos and we will be glad to help. Contact us here

We will also be updating this article on face shapes and frame style selection with a much more in depth piece shortly.