Guide to Buying Glasses Online

The Little Spectacle Shop's guide to buying your glasses online. Do not be worried, about buying your new prescription spectacles online, just follow our simple steps to choosing your ideal pair of glasses.

1.Find Your Face Shape

The size and shape of your face , is a big decider on what style of frame will be the best for youBefore choosing your new glasses frame, check out our face shape and frame style tips here. There is a wide choice of different frame styles to match your face shape. Remember at the end what is most important is finding a frame style that you love, but our frame styling tips give you some useful starting points.

2. Choose Your Glasses Frame

The next thing to do after checking our face shapes and frame style tips is to decide on what glasses frame you would like to wear. At the Little Spectacle Shop we have a wide variety of frame styles to choose from. We are sure to have a style,colour and size of glasses to suit you.

3. Find The Size of Glasses You Need 

If you are already wearing spectacles supplied by an offline optician, finding the size you need is a simple exercise.The spectacle frame measurements are typically marked on the inside of the sides/arms. Find out more about glasses frame measurements on this page. To select your ideal glasses for fit and comfort these measurements are important

If for whatever reason, you dont have access to your spectacle frame measurements, we advise going to a branch of your local opticians to try some frames and get a glasses size measurement.


4. Choose Your Lens Thickness

Based on your valid spectacle prescription you can choose your new lenses for your spectacle frames. You can choose lenses for distance, reading or computers.

If you don't have a recent spectacle prescription, just visit your local optometrist for an eye exam. Under law, your optometrist should provide a copy of your glasses prescription after your eye exam test. Don't forget to ask for it if they don't. If you have lost your prescription your optometrist who carried out your most recent eye exam can provide you with a copy.

At the Little Spectacle Shop you can choose Standard (1.5 index lenses), Thin (1.6 index) and Ultra-Thin (1.67 index) lenses. As a simple guide if , if you have a combined glasses prescription power above +/- 3.00 you should opt for thin lenses and if your combined glasses prescription is above +/- 6 then we would advise to go for ultra-thin lenses helping to reduce lens weight,thickness and cosmetic appearence of your glasses.

Your spectacle prescription is the most important part of buying your new prescription glasses online.If you wear an incorrect prescription, you may cause eyestrain and headaches so for this important reason we ask all our customers to email with your name and order number or WhatsApp us a copy of your most recent valid spectacle prescription after placing your online order. If you are unsure about ideal lens choice to match your prescription simply contact our team here and we will be glad to help.

Please be advised we do not supply bifocals or varifocals to customers online as the very accurate measurements to ensure optimal fit of these lenses cannot be carried out remotely.
If you want to order progressive/varifocals or bfiocals from the Little Spectacle Shop you must visit our store in the beautiful little town of Corbridge in Northumberland


5. Choose any Tints and/or Lens Coatings

On the frame product page after you select your lens thickness type you can choose any additional tints or coatings you want for your new glasses.
You can also choose to add lens case and cloth (included with some frame styles)

6. Checkout

You are all done with ordering your glasses online. You have picked you perfect glasses and lenses, now just simply checkout and send us a copy of your prescription once you receive your order confirmation.You can then sit back and chillax whilst we work on making your new glasses. We will keep you updated via email on your new glasses order progress and wil inform you if we need to confirm any details or have any questions about your order.

At the Little Spectacle Shop we offer a secure Guarantee, simple returns policy and a manufacturers 12 months frame warranty.