Obtaining Your Glasses Prescription after Your Eye Examination

Before placing order for prescription glasses on the Little Spectacle Shop website or if you are calling to visit our store,you will need to obtain a copy of your spectacle prescription.
After having an eye examination by an optometrist you will be issued with a signed and dated copy of your prescription.The prescription will also have a date of your next eye exam due/recall date.If you do not receive this immediately after your examination you may request a copy from the examining optician, providing it is in date. We also advise that you request your PD/Pupillary Distance with the prescription, but this may be an additional cost from your optometrist.

The College of Optometrists recommend regular eye exams as your eye health and prescription can change over time.
If your prescription recall date has expired/i.e: is past date from the optometrist's recommended recall please be advised we cannot use it to fufill your new glasses order.

Your valid in date prescription must be emailed or you can scan a copy to us after placing your order .You can also post your spectacle prescription to us at:
Little Spectacle Shop | 1 Hill St (First Floor) Corbridge Northumberland NE45 5AA

We always thoroughly double check validity of your glasses prescription before proceeding with your Little Spectacle Shop order.