Pupillary Distance/ PD measurements

Pupillary Distance/ P.D. measurements for online glasses purchasing. Your PD or Pupillary distance is a measurement of the distance between the centres of your pupils.
This measurement needs to be very accurate as it is used when making your glasses to make sure when you look through your glasses, your eyes are correctly centred.
A typical adult Pupillary Distance ranges between 55-72 mm, with most PDs in the range of 61-66 mm.
Your optometrist often measures your P.D. at the time of your examination. You may request it with your copy of your glasses prescription, however it is part of the spectacle dispensing /ordering process and is not automatically provided with glasses after an eye test. 

If you do not have your own Pupillary Distance / P.D. you can use the Average option (63mm), however it is recommended to have an exact measurement for higher prescriptions. 



The Little Spectacle Shop's Tips for measuring your P.D. AT HOME

Look straight into a mirror from 20 cm away
Hold a flat plastic mm ruler against your eyebrow.
First shut your left eye then position the ruler’s zero pt/0 with the centre of your right pupil.
Look directly ahead then close your right eye and open your lefteye.
The mm reading that corresponds with the centre of your left eye pupil is your pupillary distance.

You can have a friend or family member double check.  


If you need any help with PD measurement for ordering glasses  at The Little Spectacle Shop, please get in touch with our helpful staff on our contact page.